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An Almost Real Theatre

The sincerity of wanting to keep this theatre company going after university has spurred me onto purchasing a domain name. Check out Almost Real Theatre. It is all very exciting! Currently linked to a Tumblr blog, perhaps one day we will design a proper website. Attached to this we have a Twitter account, Facebook page and a YouTube channel too.

The logo took a little while to come up with; I wanted to use stick men, inspired by the xkcd comics, but somehow utilise the comedy tragedy masks of traditional theatre; eventually coming up with the current logo.

Font and colour was another issue, but even though my favourite colour is blue (or shades of), I settled with the striking white and orange on black. Not to mention the (from what I have heard) rule of three; using no more than three prime colours or fonts on promotional material. Apparently it reads better with the human eye. Do check us out! TM


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