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Many Meetings

All students on this Negotiated Public Performance module were required to be in attendance for an official meeting for groups to be finalised and our module leaders to talk about what would be required for the module and what we wanted from it. We were given two questions to answer…

Are you looking to produce a text-based performance, to adapt or re-inscribe a novel, or devise something from scratch?
Is there somewhere that you would like to perform?

If Andy (my fellow company member) and I were going to stick with the radio play idea then our ideal performance space would be in a recording studio, but one large enough for an audience too! Alternatively we could adapt it for a performance in the Drama Studio, but perhaps actually look into performing it live on air as well.

The meeting seemed to be rather enlightening for everyone, not just in relation to the module content but also with learning what each of us wanted to do. Some were already set on being in a group, but we looked at the logistics of whether we could put on a production with the entire group. It was worth the discussion, but no one was set on the idea.

Each of us were asked in turn what we were interested in doing; I was not alone in having more appreciation for something text-based. Others showed desire in devising a piece inspired by a text or working through play and devising from the ground up, and a few seemed a little lost for direction and were open to anything. I was concerned because by saying that I wanted to work on a text felt like I was ruling out other options and ideas and that others might believe that was all I wished to do.

My reasoning behind doing something text-based as opposed to devised is because I feel that much of the Drama & Performance course at the university has had a focus on devised practical work. Having said that, many modules do offer work with text due to their content, but because assessments only last fifteen to twenty minutes on average there is no opportunity to work with an entire script. This module is dedicated to a final public performance and so allows ample opportunity to really get to grips with a play and perhaps even perform an entire show.

The most positive outcome of the meeting was that Andy and I now know what we want to challenge ourselves with: character development. TM


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