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The Beginning of an End

My final semester at the University of Worcester begins next week, studying Drama & Performance BA (hons), and I thought it about time that I actually kept up a blog (something that I wish to continue post-uni anyway).

Over the next couple of months I will keep track of what will perhaps be the most demanding of all my modules, Negotiated Public Performance. On top of that I have a module on Theatre, Ideology and the American Dream, my Independent Study (subject: Bristol Old Vic’s artistic director, Tom Morris), and my second term directing Loco Show Co., the musical theatre society at the university.

It is a few weeks before the first official meeting and there are three of us that have been drawn to working with each other. Many ideas have been thrown around, but after speaking with one of the module leaders and it being established that we are allowed to work with a script and would not have to devise from scratch, we have searched for play texts suitable for a three-man company, even if that might involve multi-rolling! The research has proved tough, as I want whatever we end up doing to challenge me as a performer.

I had hoped that the involvement of some female members joining our company would give us more versatility and choice in a production, but our initial invitation has not been responded to so we we have explored other routes.

We even spoke about performing a musical, but having had a little experience in this area the idea was dashed when I expressed the complication of acquiring a licence, particularly for a group so small! One of my proposals was to perform a radio play in front of a live audience, I feel that this would be a very different performance and something rather unconventional and perhaps even unique to this module.

Finding rehearsal time will prove to be a nightmare, so perhaps it is a blessing in disguise being left as a three person company, as there will be less members to organise. Unfortunately, since then one of our company has left us for a different group, as they seem to be going down a route he feels more inclined to follow. TM


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