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The Most Lamentable Comedy

I had to make my apologies to Andy today for having been absent at this week’s scheduled rehearsal (after informing him in advance of course, I couldn’t have the poor bloke attending rehearsal by himself). My reasons were extremely valid though, as it was for my Independent Study. On Tuesday evening I went to a preview of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Bristol Old Vic; Tom Morris and Handspring’s first collaboration since War Horse, except just as I had been forewarned, this production was completely unlike that now global phenomenon. It was magical, absurd and stunning from multiple perspectives. I am getting side-tracked here. I noticed that Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler, co-founders of Handspring Puppet Company, were sat about ten seats away from me during the production, so after the performance I took the opportunity to speak with them; congratulated them on the show and politely asked if I could interview them both for my dissertation. Thankfully Adrian agreed to a meeting the following day, which was just as well because they were returning to South Africa at the end of the week! Mr. Kohler is a gentle and passionate man and gave a really fascinating interview; I learnt so much about his work with Tom Morris, truly invaluable information for my Independent Study.

Because of this, the sudden reschedule meant that it was difficult for Andy and I to find time and a rehearsal space this week, so instead we focused on making our first video blog (or ‘vlog’). We had previously discussed the networking element of our company, and in one evening we came to the mutual decision to make our rehearsal process highly visual. Photographs will be tricky without them appearing staged, because only two of us are in rehearsal, so for now we will stick with video, and use an external photographer at a later date.

Using the footage we took of last week’s rehearsal and recording a blog in my bedroom, I then edited these together into our first vlog. The idea behind this is to talk to our followers about our current and future plans, as well as the antics that occur in rehearsals and anything else relevant to the theatre company. Through this we will hopefully build an audience, most likely of friends and family, but hopefully beyond that, and tease them with the eventual show!

Here it is though, Almost Real Theatre’s first vlog and an introduction to the company.

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